Education industry is among the largest spenders globally on lead generation & up-cross selling to students across age groups, Income groups and education requirements.

Rationale for Vidzai Videos (P.I.A.) for Education

As education is becoming more online, the industry benefits from reaching out to the customers digitally  and in a manner that gives them enough information that is in their context. Streamlining enquiries, responding to them in real-time, helping them navigate the journey of picking the right course.

Course Awareness

Interactive video to ask the questions to filter the lists of courses, and arrive at the most suitable course, or let the user land directly on the selected course. Audio visual tour of the course showing course content, Course Duration, tour of the classes and other similar course options. Personalized Video invitations in case of education fares, events are organized to 3rd party generated leads is effective to attract participation.product or service description

Course Consideration / Form Fill

Gives more information about the course such as Testimonies of students, recruitment options post course, fee details etc. Interactions on the video for the user to pick up the parameter will provide rich information about the user’s disposition and tailor the next communication.

Lead Capture / Thank You

Personalized note of thanks to the user. User is given the opportunity to add more of his details for profile screening on the video, including writing / video recording the “statement of purpose”


Custom video reports on the progress during the course, How has the student faired compared to others in similar stage of the course. Gentle nudge to prevent drops (esp. in MOOC) and specific interventions

Form Processing And Closure

Communication of any missing information, processing status, current and next stage in the process, and communication of decision. Closure of the process and next steps communication.product or service description

Loyalty & Advocacy

Customer Referal Reward Program along with user’s own testimony recorded

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