Corporate Events Management is changing rapidly with 1:1 focus on participants to get a unique experience. Need for differentiation in event marketing through technology is visible. Sharper messaging from invitation and finally to conversion is happening.

Rationale for Vidzai Videos (P.I.A.) for Events

Event marketing, with an objective to attract maximum visitors to the event, requires visual engagement tools to attract visitors. Personalization to the user’s context on the video, and interactions for the viewer to indicate her choice on the video, plays an important role in aligning these potential visitors to know about your event and get interested in it.

Event Invitation Video

Tells about the event in an audio-visual manner attracting the audience’s maximum attention. This includes theme of the event, Daily Sessions, Speaker and Panel details, Networking etc. – ensuring the potential visitors know enough about the event.

Personalization elements
Name in voice over and visual, what are the sessions, who else is visiting from the team
Interactions elements
Interest Areas, Register Me

Event Information Videos

During the event a series of videos can be sent to the registered users and otherwise for them to know more about what to expect and what they would miss, if they don’t register now..

Personalization elements
Welcome to the event – Name in voice and visual (For registered participant), And why would you not register? (For someone who is still sitting on the fence)
Interactions elements
Interest Areas, Register Me

During the Event

Day end videos with glimpses of the event and what to expect on the forthcoming day.

Details of their awaited interest area

Event Follow-up

Thanking the participants for their time and show again their interest areas and follow up actions for lead generation

Pictures/videos of the attendees from the event
Our analysis shows your interest in the topic “Persuasion Skills”. Shall a follow up be setup

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