Socio-Political Organizations

Social and political organizations have a need to reach its members and followers to propagate their ideology and the cause. Digital communication and data driven messaging is the need of the hour.

Rationale for Vidzai Videos (P.I.A.) for Socio-Political Organizations

Large social and political organizations, need to reach out to people en-masse. While the messages can be generic, the consumption of these messages will be much higher, if contextualized at persona level based on known demographic data of location, gender, age, occupation and specipic data elements. People would watch an engaging video, more so, if it talks about stories around them, and not generic stories. Interactions on the video will provide rich analytics data back to the organizations in finding viewer’s disposition to these topics of relevance.

Reach Out Stories

Highlighting the Good work done
Then v/s Now stories.
Socio-economic issues that the organization started with, and what was done in the last few years.

“You remember when we started in 2018, we were grappling with issues of …… Hear out stories of positive impact on issues that are closer to your heart: Defence, Healthcare, Economy, Culture, Education, Infrastructure”

Reach Out Stories

Ward wise segmentation
Stories about schools, healthcare, water, sanitation specific to each ward sent to people in that ward / community such as Community Healthcare, Women Safety, Skill development, Public transportation

Link Multiplicity

Making it viral
Organization worker customizes the message & creates personalized message for his contacts, acting as an influencer. Enable short clip recording and a distribution through his contact list with his message customized and approved for distribution.

In-time Updates and Getting to know about Immediate Issues

Regular Activities update
What is being done on a regular basis and how it applies to the individual.

“Do you know about the recently started XYZ initiative in your community, and how it applies to you. Click below to know your eligibility and apply.”

Collaboration and Getting Contextual Information

Crowd Sourcing organization agenda / manifesto and finding what issues are relevant to the individual.

Of the 4 areas highlighted, please select the 2 most relevant to you and provide your feedback on the course of action taken by typing on the video, or recording your voice response.

In-context Updates based on 1st Party Data

Messages about the welfare schemes, how it positively impacts the person, next steps & general feedback, video interactions for navigation.

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