What is the Opportunity?

Marketers need to transform customer experiences on brand messages

My customers are reading less and watching more videos.
My videos are generic and do not stand out for my audience with different taste and choices.
How do I personalize the videos at scale for different customer category, and further with their specific data?
How do I complete my customer journey, all on the video?

Vidzai – Mission Possible for the Marketers

How do we do it?

Deliver the right experiences to the right people, at the right time.

Vidzai is a dynamic video generation platform to engage better and sell more. The Personalized Interactive Adaptive (P.I.A.) framework that creates opportunities with your customer data, while generating most compelling customer experiences on the video.


A picture is worth a 1000 words and a video worth a million, and with viewer’s context put in it, it engages the user


Videos on Digital channels need not be same as TV. Customers watch it, interact with it, provide data on it, like a 2 way conversation.


Video need not run from start to finish, for every customer, same as it did for all others. Videos can be non-linear with variable story flows.

Our Clients

Trusted by brands across BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Consulting and so many more industry segments..


Sukino Healthcare

I will recommend Vidzai to everyone who wishes to leverage videos for differentiated customer messages. Especially in healthcare, with complex product, and uniqueness of message for each customer, Vidzai video messages are a real help. Vidzai’s personalized videos helped us explain our services in a 1:1 manner to our prospective customers, with better than expected conversions.

Karthik Anant  
COO, Sukino Healthcare

Hansa Cequity

I certainly feel that Personalization and enhanced user-experiences are the way-to-go for marketers. Vidzai amplified our ability to design these experiences for our valued customers, with great results on message consumption. Great idea, great platform and excellent team to work with.

Swaminathan S 
CEO, Hansa Cequity


We recommended Vidzai for one of our prominent customer in the pharma industry, for a post Sales event messaging through a 1:1 video. The platform integrated seamlessly, created the right motivational messages, resulting in a returning customer asking for similar messages for next Sales event.

Nishant Parashar  
CEO, Engage4More